Keeping your Fitness Flexible

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Keeping your Fitness Flexible

Why it is so important to keep your body Flexible as well as Fit!!


Keeping your fitness flexible!!

It is very important as we get older that we keep our bodies flexible. As the saying goes if you don't use it you'll lose it. Our bodies are no different to cars if you don't use them after a while parts will seize up that can lead to other problems that can eventually cause an accident.

 While introducingCARDIOGYMto members over the years I have heard many stories of how people’s bodies had seized up and how they had lost movement and flexibility over time, and how it had made them feel much older and become depressed. Thankfully most had fought back from this.

 A lady once told me how she went to open a cupboard above her head which she hadn’t opened for over 1 year only to realise that rust had set in (her words) and she could no longer lift her arm to that level. The instant feeling of her being restraint, feeling trapped in her own body brought on an anxiety attack, coming back to my earlier comments of the seized car causing an accident. The good news is her physiotherapist got her doing strength and flexibility exercises with a pulley system which broke the rust away and got her back on the road, a late model but in fully working condition! This convinced her that she needed to exercise more so she joined a gym and I was lucky enough to meet her working out on theCARDIOGYM CG6. Like many she said she loves the CG6 as she moves every muscle from the one machine and gets a good stretch through the arms, shoulders, back and chest doing all the exercises, plus her legs keep strong and flexible pedalling at the same time.

Another fella came up to me in the gym one day, he saw me going over the CardioGym CG6’s and asked “are these your machines”? I said yes. He said well you want to tell them these are the best bloody machines around.  I never used to be able to get my arms back further than this, showing me a position that didn't make it pass his body, since I have been using this machineCARDIOGYM CG6, I can now move my arms back to here, almost looking double jointed his arms going so far back.The exact words he used which I love were “it broke away all the bloody cobwebs!

I would not have thought about the importance of keeping flexible if it wasn't from regularly hearing stories of people losing their movement and their independence by not keeping their wheels turning.

 So keep in mind when working out on a bike or treadmill, you got to keep it all moving, not just some parts!

If your gym doesn't have the luxury of having aCardioGym CG6, ask them to buy some, or at least pick up some Dumbbells while pedalling away or walking, because from what I have learnt in my time with CARDIOGYM is there is no truer statement thanif you don't use it you lose it!




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