CG6 - Your secret weapon to signing and retaining members

CARDIOGYM CG6 can be the secret weapon to help prevent your members cancelling their memberships. Here are 4 reasons why!


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CG6 - Your secret weapon to signing and retaining members

CG6 - Your secret weapon to retaining members!!

 Retaining members is one of the biggest challenges faced by gym owners. It doesn’t take long for members to become bored with their work out routine or find they don’t have time to do what is required to get the results they are after.

CARDIOGYMCG6 can be the secret weapon to help prevent your members cancelling their memberships. Here are 4 reasons why!

 Start your members on track for progression: Many people starting the gym are often too intimidated to venture into the weights room, fearful they may look silly using the equipment wrong and often stay bound to do the same monotonous cardio machine workout till they get bored and quit.

With CG6 they are simultaneously getting a cardio and weights workout, following the consoles virtual trainer through a variety of exercises making it enjoyable and easy to use. It won't be long before they see their upper body muscles developing, making them more confident using weights and this can inspire them to progress further, and taking that next step in entering the strength room and becoming more entrenched to the gym.

 Eliminate “I haven't got time” excuse: People are always using the excuse they haven't got time for the gym, and this can often be true juggling family with work commitments. Who has time to spend 20 minutes squeezing into the Lycra (or is that just me) do 30 minutes of cardio and then a further 30 minutes of strength which can double as they wait around for strength machines they want to use.

The advantage with CG6 is it's time efficient, proven to burn 6 times more body fat than treadmills and ellipticals in a 30 day trial. Based on this, 20 minutes on the CG6 is equivalent to 2 hrs on a treadmill or elliptical for the same fat burning results.

 The other advantage with CG6 is you can target any upper body muscle groups to build and tone from the one machine. You can focus on exercises just targeting one muscle group such as arms or do a total body workout working shoulders, chest and back as well.

20 minutes and you’re done so time is no excuse here.

 Offer Variety: Make the cardio floor fun with CARDIOGYM group classes. We have seen people try and make ellipticals and treadmills fun by doing a class but how much variety can they really offer. The CG6 offers plenty of variation; you can do your forward facing exercises, reverse facing exercises, kayak rowing and boxing, or off the bike functional training all from the one machine. With a trainer holding a class on the CG6 there is unlimited amount of exercises they can put members through to keep them interested each day. Beats balancing on a spin bike seat juggling 5lb dumbbells!

 You need a point of difference: You can go to most gyms and use treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and bikes, so what is going to separate you from the rest?? You need a point of difference, something that sets you apart and CG6 offers this and is a great tool when taking potential new members on the opening tour of the gym.Your current members will also appreciate seeing their gym investing in new innovation.

Its hard work signing new members so make sure you understand the reasons why members quit and put measures in place to stop this from happening. People have many choices of gyms, so make sure you give them a reason why they can’t leave yours and hold onto them for dear life, new members may run out one day!

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