CG3 in Action

CG3 offers a true total body cardio and resistance workout in the one machine. Do your cardio workout or fold the bike out of the way to do a strength workout, the variety is endless.


The CG3 is ideal for residential as most people don’t have the luxury of having a whole range of machines to vary their workouts and stop them from getting bored and results plateauing. The CG3 allows you to do something different each day of the week.  CG3 also saves on space and money as it folds away into its own stylish cupboard and you dont have to buy 3 or 4 different pieces of equipment to get the variation required to get the results you want.

Monday:  Front Five exercises

Tuesday:  Back Five Exercises

Wednesday:  Workout from the video library

Thursday:  Boxing routine

Friday:Kayaking routine

(You can vary these workouts with the weight used and the time set for each exercise)

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